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Download Portable USB Deview 2.22 For Free

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USBDeview 2.22 incl PortableUSBDeview may be a small utility that lists all USB devices that square measure presently connected to your computer, likewise as all USB devices that you just antecedently used. for each and every USB device, exteneded information is displayed: Device name/description, device sort, serial variety (for mass storage devices), the date/time that device was additional, VendorID, ProductID, and far more...

SBDeview Columns Description:
· Device Name: Specifies the device name. for a couple of device, this column could show meaningless name, like "USB Device". If the device name is meaningless , attempt to investigate the outline column.
· Device Description: the outline of the device.
· Device Sort: The device sort, in step with USB category code.
· Connected: Specifies regardless of whether or not the device is presently connected to your computer. If the device is connected, you are going to be capable to use the 'Disconnect elite Devices' possibility (F9) to disconnect the device.
· Safe To Unplug: Specifies whether or not it's protected to disconnect the device from the USB plug while not disconnecting it 1st. If the worth of this column is accurate, and you would like to disconnect this device, you want to 1st disconnect this device by victimisation the 'Disconnect elite Devices' possibility (F9) of USBDeview utility, or by victimisation the 'Unplug or Eject Hardware' utility of Windows software program.
· Drive Letter: Specifies the drive letter of the USB device. This column is simply relevant to USB nonvolatile storage devices and to USB CD/DVD drives. bear in thoughts that USBDeview can not find out drive letters of USB challenging-disks.
· Serial Number: Specifies the serial variety of the device. This column is merely relevant to mass storage devices (flash memory devices, CD/DVD drives, and USB difficult-disks).
· Created Date: Specifies the date/time that the device was put in. In most instances, this date/time price represents the time that you just 1st obstructed the device to the USB port. Even so, bear in mind that in some situations this price tag could also be incorrect.
· Final Plug/Unplug Date: Specifies the last time that you just plugged/unplugged the device. This date cost is lost after you restart the pc.
· VendorID/ProductID: Specifies the VendorID and ProductID of the device.
· USB Class/Subclass/Protocol: Specifies the Class/Subclass/Protocol of the device in step with USB specifications.
· Hub/Port: Specifies the hub range and port variety that the device was obstructed into. This price tag is empty for mass storage devices.

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