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Easy FTP Access via Windows Explorer

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To facilitate the upload file hosting services normally use FTP access. Certainly, most of which has been delivering hosting solutions function the cPanel usually also give the facilities File Manager which is also straightforward to use for uploading files. In fact, there is also a function to edit files with ease. It is just upload a file making use of the File Manager in the cPanel to be less cumbersome if you need to upload files big. FTP access to it becomes extremely essential.

With FTP access you can upload, download, replace and rename files simply. Webmasters usually use a separate FTP computer software that features more comprehensive. Additionally, freeware FTP computer software is also extensively accessible on the internet and can be downloaded simply. For instance, such as Core FTP Light Edition.

It's just a newbie, FTP software could be too challenging to use. So the answer is to use Windows Explorer which is accessible on all versions of Windows, for this our do not need to have to download and set up new application. In addition, access FTP making use of Windows Explorer does not require any setting. And to run it sufficient to open a new Windows Explorer window, then kind in the address bar:


Username, password and FTP address (after the @) can be obtained from the hosting provider. Usually the the same as username and password used to login to cPanel. And FTP address the exact same as the domain names that you have plus ftp in front of him. Right after you kind the address in the address bar, Windows Explorer will display the same folder structure in File Manager on cPanel. And to download or upload the file you just do the drag & drop as we use the usual Windows Explorer. Great luck!
Title: Easy FTP Access via Windows Explorer
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