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How to find and fix dead pixels using PixelRepairer

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For users of LCD, LCD soon after use for some time, occasionally seem 'points' on the screen and can not show colors appropriately. Point on the screen just visible [light], and this will be the identical when altering the show monitor. so that the show high quality is so poor.

Spot dots on the screen is named Dead Pixel or Stuck Pixel. How do I discover out, and if it comes up how to fix it?

Discover out / Check for Dead Pixels

In essence, to verify the existence of dead pixels is really easy, at times we can instantly see on the screen, due to the fact the dead pixel color show is usually the identical even even though the screen / monitor change. Or to make a complete screen image with 1 color, like black or white. This way if there is a dead pixel will be clearly visible.

In addition to the above, also can use the software, for instance, can use PixelRepairer Freeware. This freeware has a number of features, including:
  1. Help find a dead pixel
  2. Can aid to repair dead pixels
  3. Repair dead pixels can be run without obtaining to cease functioning with computer systems
  4. Does not need installation (Portable)
  5. can manage several monitors with one particular laptop

Seeking for Dead Pixels

To uncover the dead pixel with PixelRepairer this, comply with these methods:
  1. Clean the monitor
  2. Run PixelRepairer
  3. If the search button is not active, activate the Search button, the current loop drawings, in the upper left.
  4. If more than 1 monitor is connected, choose one particular.
  5. Select a single color in the colour list (pattern).
  6. Click the Enable button, thereby altering the monitor screen with a color or a pattern.
  7. Verify the monitor, if there is a point / pixel possessing a color other than the chosen colour, signifies that there are dead pixels on the monitor.
  8. To exit, proper click the screen or press the ESC keyboard.

If the dead pixel is identified on the screen, don't forget its position, and then do repairs in the following methods:
  1. Run PixelRepairer
  2. Click the Repair button (button / image second from top)
  3. Add the repair location, by clicking the Add button, so the small box will seem called a "Repairer". We can set the size on the size selection at the bottom.
  4. Drag a small box "Repairer" to a position exactly where there are dead pixels
  5. Select the operating mode: noise or solid. If the noise option does not work, attempt again by selecting a solid option.
  6. Choose the size of the improvements, must include areas exactly where there are dead pixels
  7. Frequency is set equal to the frequency of the monitor. usually frequency 60Hz
  8. If Dead pixel is in some locations, add the Region "Repairer" other
  9. Reduce the application window
  10. Wait about an hour.
  11. See the outcomes or verify your monitor.

Sometimes a dead pixel on the monitor is permanent and irreversible. So by making use of computer software like this PixelRepairer not often guarantee achievement 100%. In addition to can be used for LCD monitor, can also be used for Plasma Tv Pixel. This software runs on Windows operating method and licensed Freeware (free of charge). Download PixelRepairer_2. (698 KB).
Title: How to find and fix dead pixels using PixelRepairer
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