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How To Run Clamav in Realtime

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Clamav is an opensource antivirus for Unix GPL licensed, but are also offered for Windows OS. Clamav antivirus is actually quite excellent. In addition to totally free Clamav also capable to detect any virus present. But regrettably Clamav can not run in realtime, so that Clamav became significantly less common. Simply because it does not run in real time, then to use Clamav we have to run it manually.

To run in realtime so that Clamav can secure your laptop from virus will call for an engine that can run Clamav. And here I am employing Clam Sentinel. Judging from its name, this tool was created specifically to run Clamav.

Here's how to combine Clamav with Clam Sentinel:
  1. Download the most current Clamav.
  2. If the download is full Clamav, please set up Clamav (do not neglect to update Clamav antivirus database)
  3. Then download the most current Clam Sentinel.
  4. Next, set up and run the Clam Sentinel.
  5. Now, you Clamav Antivirus is operating in true time, so you do not have to be concerned anymore against viruses and malware.

  • Right after completion of all the method I advocate to restart your laptop. 
  • Ideas above a try on windows 7.
  • To configure Clamav and Clam Sentinel you can see the icon in the bottom corner of your screen, like this picture:

Title: How To Run Clamav in Realtime
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