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5 Categories of computers support Windows 8

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Windows eight operating method is officially released by Microsoft on October 26, 2012. Pc maker greeted him with producing a variety of computing devices. In fact, there is a new category of computers produced by the manufacturer.

In addition to making use of the navigation by means of keyboard, touch board, and mouse, a laptop with Windows 8 can also be navigated with the touch of a finger. Here is a laptop that is prepared to be paired Windows 8.

This is a 5 categories laptop that supports Windows 8:

Portable Computer systems

The first is a transportable computer or laptop, or some people get in touch with it by the name of clamshell, as it can be opened and closed like a clam. This category is subdivided into sorts of notebooks, netbooks and ultrabook. There are fast advances in current generation laptops, there are a number of types of laptops have supported the touch screen navigation.


Windows eight is not only developed for individual computer systems, but also designed for tablet devices. Tablets that use x86 architecture processors are capable of operating Windows 8. Although tablets employing ARM architecture processor running Windows RT (Run Time). Some tablets with Windows eight comes with the dock or accessory keyboard cover. If the tablet comes with dock accessories, it will look turned into a notebook. Some Windows eight Tablet using Intel Atom or Core i and already offers a USB port, external memory card slot 3.5 mm audio jack, and an HDMI port.


This is a new category of the type of personal computer that combines the functionality of a tablet and ultrabook. In common, convertible laptop screen can only be scrollable, but there are also companies that make convertible pc screen can be rotated. The screen and keyboard made with each other, can not be removed. Pc Convertible appears like its ultrabook if screen scrolled to the leading or in the open position. If you scroll down or in a closed position, such as tablets.

Connectivity to Pc convertible also total, such as USB, external memory card 3.5 mm, audio jack, and an HDMI port. 

Pc All-in-A single (AIO)

Machines and computer screen All-in-One (AIO) developed in a single space. People who get the AIO laptop typically needs much less space and utilised for multimedia and entertainment. Ports and connectivity are accessible on the side or back of the screen. AIO Computer with Windows 8 currently has a touch screen sensor is far better due to the fact this operating system is optimized for the touch screen. 

Computer Decstop

For those of you who have a desktop personal computer, you can update the operating technique to Windows 8. Make certain that your computer meets the minimum hardware specifications of Windows 8 so that the computer can run smoothly and rapidly.

Right here are the minimum computer specifications for Windows 8:
  • Minimum processor speed of 1GHz or greater
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM for Windows 8 32bit version and 2GB for Windows eight 64bit version.
  • Prepare a 16GB disk space for Windows 8 32bit version and 20GB for 64bit version of Windows eight.
  • The graphics card should help Microsoft DirectX 9 or higher.

Windows eight 32bit version only supports up to 3GB of RAM speed. Whilst the 64-bit version can be greater than 3GB. If you want a larger computing speed and handy to use customers are advised to use RAM above 2GB.
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